Company Profile

Though Liquid Art Custom Pools was started in March of 2008, the seeds of the company were planted much earlier. 

Founder and President Omar Guzman began his career replicating drawings by hand for the renowned Tom Allison Pools. As he started to learn what it took to build pools, he began as a draftsman for projects and was eventually promoted to operations manager.

After Tom Allison retired, he moved the company to North Carolina and started building homes.  Omar continued on, working with Wildside Pools and Waterfalls where he continued to hone his knowledge of pool, spa and waterfall construction.

Then in 2008, Omar earned his residential pool and spa license and started Liquid Art Custom Pools. Years later, Omar and his team of skilled craftsmen have built a reputation for creating quality custom pools while providing the best customer service.

With a passion for building beautiful pools, spas and waterfalls that will last for generations, Liquid Art Custom Pools continues to push the limits of pool construction to turn their clients’ dreams into reality.


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