Rock Waterfalls Natural and Artificial

Be it natural rock or artificial, a waterfall is the perfect addition to any pool. The tranquil stream and visual beauty can bring years of relaxation and enjoyment.   

We try to maintain this same serene atmosphere throughout the building process. Beginning with a conversation and an assessment of your pool, you tell us what you want, and then we determine the waterfalls best location – both structurally and aesthetically.

For rock waterfalls, we build a natural pan of concrete and rebar to support the massive weight. Then we meticulously set the rocks one by one until the waterfall’s the height, width and look you want. Once the waterfall’s in place, we install the plumbing.

For artificial waterfalls, we build a pan and construct the shape from Styrofoam blocks. Then we place mesh over the blocks and inject it with concrete. Once the foundation is laid, our artist hand carves the nooks and crannies, stains the concrete, and waterproofs the waterfall. Then the plumbing’s installed and your waterfall’s complete.

If you’d like to add a rock waterfall or water feature to your pool, contact us now for your free estimate.